Girlfriend Activation System Review – Make Your Move And Get The Girl

Boy meets girl.  Boy likes girl.  Boy asks girl on a date.  Boy and girl become boyfriend and girlfriend, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  Simple, right?

Not really.

This is more like the stuff of fairy tales and Hollywood movie scripts.  In reality, finding, attracting, and keeping an incredible woman can be an extremely tricky exercise.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, if it was too easy to get a girlfriend, dating would only be half the fun that it is…or at least half the fun that it should be.  But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that finding, attracting, and keeping the interest of an amazing woman needs to be particularly hard.

With this in mind, the Girlfriend Activation System (also known as the Girlfriend System or simply GFAS) is an online training course developed with the primary aim of giving guys the tools, techniques, inner game, and step-by-step instructions they need to not only attract a beautiful girlfriend, but to nurture and develop that relationship for the long-term.

Can The Male-Female Relationship Dynamic Really Be Reduced To Some Type Of Special Formula That Can Help Guys Land The Girl Of Their Dreams?

boyfriend and girlfriend walking together hand in handWell before anyone starts writing in telling us about a wonderful bridge you have for sale, the company behind the Girlfriend Activation System certainly has a history of developing successful and mega popular programs designed to help men maneuver their way through the often turbulent world of dating.  The most highly rated include GFAS (the focus of this review), the Desire System (for creating sexual attraction), and HOW2TXTHER (an award winning texting program).

The first incarnation of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1) was so popular that course instructor, Christian H., decided to expand and rebuild the program from the ground-up.  The subsequent version 2.0 (GFAS V2), has itself received rave reviews and editor pick awards from numerous dating sites which suggests there’s a lot more to the program than just a few catch-phrases, pick-up lines, and weird PUA tactics that offer no real prospect of long-term success.

We understand that being popular doesn’t necessarily translate into success.  Just ask any New York Jets fan.  They’ll tell you.

So with that being the case, how does the Girlfriend Activation System fare?  Does it really work?  Is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Read on as we investigate what guys can expect from the GFAS program and whether it lives up to its claims of helping men get girlfriends step-by-step.  There’s a lot involved with this Girlfriend Activation System review, so grab your favorite beverage and let’s get started.

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System?  (And What It’s Not)

screenshot from inside the girlfriend activation system (GFAS V2)

A preview of the Girlfriend Activation System V2 member’s area showing the video for Part 4: Q & A With Alex. (Click to enlarge)

Without wanting to create any false expectations for those of you reading this Girlfriend Activation System review, it’s probably best to address what the Girlfriend System is not before we go into what it is.

The GFAS course is not something that is commonly seen in the realm of dating/relationship advice for guys.   Sure, there are other programs out there like Girlfriend In A Week and Girlfriend On Demand that have the same goal of teaching men how to get girlfriends, but user reviews and customer testimonials suggest none is of the same caliber as the Girlfriend Activation System.

Christian’s Girlfriend System is a “breed of its own” because the men’s dating niche is largely dominated by PUA programs designed to teach men how to hook up and “score” with women.  Alternatively, the Girlfriend Activation System concentrates on helping men secure a long-term relationship with the type of girl who is genuine “girlfriend material.”

Now that’s not to say that the course does not address the all-important issue of taking things to the “next level” under the bed sheets, because it most certainly does.  But “scoring” with women is not the sole focus of the program, like it is for so many of the dating products out there targeting the male demographic.  For guys who are only interested in finding tips and techniques to improve their strike rate in the bedroom, while this course will help, there may well be other programs out there, like Seduction Mind Hacks Live, better suited for those goals.

Now in terms of what it is, if the program’s name, or what has already been mentioned in this review didn’t give it away, the Girlfriend Activation System is designed to help men develop a strong connection, both emotionally and sexually, with that special woman in their lives.

She might be the cute girl at school.  She might be the sexy waitress at a local pub.  She might be the beautiful girl next door, a co-worker, or a friend you’ve always wanted more with.  She might even be a woman you’ve never met.  Only you know who she is and the type of woman you really want.  The GFAS system is designed to help you attract her, keep her interest, and turn her into your girlfriend.

The skill-sets and techniques taught during the Girlfriend Activation System course are comprehensive and varied, but largely concentrate on showing guys how to achieve personal growth to become the type of men that naturally attract women without resorting to games, gimmicks, and manipulations.

Women, and especially beautiful women, can see right through the “games” guys play…and science confirms it.  One study found that beautiful women have an IQ 11.4 points higher than average, so don’t think you’re going to “trick” your way into being with her.  GFAS adopts a completely authentic approach to becoming a woman’s “obvious choice”: the guy who she is desperate to be with because he stands out from all the others.

At its core, the Girlfriend System is a series of online training modules (Parts 1 – 23) which consist of video, audio, written transcripts, and some additional content in downloadable PDF (ebook) format.  The course transitions systematically through every phase of the dating process to help guys navigate their way to both short and long-term success with women!

Girlfriend Activation System Summary

As previously mentioned, an extensive review of the Girlfriend Activation System reveals it is one of the most detailed and polished online courses in its field.  Purchasing GFAS gives users access to the following content via an online membership portal:

  • Girlfriend Activation System – Version 2.0 (Newest Version)
  • Girlfriend Activation System – Version 1.0 (Older Version)
  • Access to the SM Members Community forums
  • More than a dozen bonus programs
  • Complimentary 14-day trial to “The Ten Code”

The newest version of the course, the Girlfriend Activation System V2, consists of 23 separate video modules covering an exclusive two-day seminar presented by Christian in New York.

GFAS V2 – Day 1 (Videos 1-11)

an alpha male surrounded by attractive womenAfter a little background information on Christian and a brief overview of the course contents, the first part of the GFAS program focuses on what Christian refers to as a woman’s “obsession story” and the idea of the “obsession worthy man”.  The idea, in simple terms, is that women are naturally attracted to certain types of men with certain character traits.

Although every man and woman is unique, these traits are “universal attractants” because they are hard-wired biologically and evolutionarily into a woman’s DNA.  Men who develop and exhibit these traits become the “obvious choice” for a woman: the guy she is irresistibly drawn to even if she doesn’t understand exactly why.  If you’ve ever watched a woman get reeled in by the prototypical “bad boy” who everyone knows isn’t good for her, then it’s pretty obvious this idea has a lot of merit in the real world.

Within the first few videos of the Girlfriend Activation System, Christian describes the traits needed to get the girl you want.  More importantly, he demonstrates how to display and project these traits when interacting with women, so they view you as an “obsession-worthy” man.  Best of all, they have nothing to do with your looks, the amount of money you have, the car you drive, how big your muscles are, or any of the superficial stuff media and pop culture lead men to believe are what women really want.

A number of guest presenters also appear during Day 1 of the GFAS course, all of whom are experts in various fields related to relationships and social dynamics.  Each dating and attraction expert expands on the traits and ideas presented by Christian in order to boost a guy’s chances with girls.  Examples include:

* How to introduce sexuality with a girl – Nick Sparks addresses the issue of sexuality.  If you’ve ever met a girl you really liked, built a rapport with her, but then struggled to escalate the relationship from “friendly” to “sexual”, then you’ll want to pay close attention to what Nick has to say.  Nick’s presentation gives guys simple but effective techniques on how to escalate their relationship with a girl at the right time to avoid being placed in the friend-zone.

* Being a challenge to women – During this part of the Girlfriend Activation System, Jason Capital demonstrates how men can give attention, affection, and compliments to a woman on their own terms so that they remain a challenge and raise her level of interest and attraction.  This is excellent training for men who do everything right to meet and attract a beautiful woman, only to give all their power away and become the prototypical “nice guy” who kills the attraction the moment she starts to reciprocate his interest.

* The power of being genuine – It’s often easy to spot people who are being insincere, but women in particular know when men aren’t being genuine with them.  Even if they can’t put their finger on it, something in the back of a woman’s mind (often referred to as her “sixth sense”) throws up red flags.  In this GFAS video, relationship expert Alex Allman explains what it means to be genuine and how guys can let their guard down and be vulnerable without diminishing their masculinity or giving away any of their power to the women they are interested in.

* Dominance – David Wygant discusses the importance of expressing dominance in the way you approach women and how to be decisive in demonstrating to girls what you want.  It’s not about being physical, abusive, or aggressive with women.  It’s about how to display your alpha status, so women know you are a dominant male who isn’t weak, insecure, or indecisive, all of which are big turn-offs to women..

This is only a very brief snapshot of what is covered in the first part of the Girlfriend Activation System.  A wide range of techniques are taught to help you activate a woman’s obsession story and become the type of man she ultimately wants, without sacrificing your own identity in the process.

GFAS V2 – Day 2 (Videos 12-23)

nerd being kissed by a sexy femaleThe first two videos of Day 2 deal primarily with laying the necessary groundwork to put men in a position to meet high-value women and what guys can do to portray themselves in the best possible light.  It’s all about making a great first impression.

The remainder of Day 2 of the Girlfriend System concentrates on the step-by-step process of approaching and meeting a girl, what to say and do to create attraction, asking her out, going on first, second, social, and “sex dates”, developing intimacy, and ultimately escalating the relationship to boyfriend-girlfriend status .

This is the part of the program that contains the actionable tips and techniques regarding how to successfully navigate your way through the various stages of a relationship, while keeping a woman attracted and interested.  Christian also demonstrates effective methods for passing the “tests” a woman will put you through to help her determine if you’re really the man she wants.  Christian refers to this as passing through her inspection gauntlet.

Just a few of the golden nuggets in this part of the program include:

  • tips on how to approach women and how to start a conversation (including exactly what to say)
  • how guys can reset a relationship with a girl who has already put them in the “friend zone” (AKA resetting impression)
  • how to use a unique take on “King Game” to get women to approach you
  • specific examples of ideal first dates and what to do from when you meet her to the end of the date
  • techniques guys can use when advancing from the first date to the social date (where she meets your friends) and eventually on to the “sex date”
  • and much more…

It’s all presented clearly and in incredible detail to help men make a deeper emotional and physical connection with women.  The video demonstrations allow you to pick up on things like body language, tone of voice, and positioning that are all extremely important to attraction, but also extremely difficult to fully understand simply by reading an ebook or PDF file that most courses offer.

Girlfriend Activation System – Version 1.0

a screenshot of version 1 of the Girlfriend System

A preview showing the first three parts of the original 6-part Girlfriend Activation System. Both GFAS V1 and GFAS V2 are included with your membership. (Click to enlarge)

The first adaptation of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1) is essentially a shorter version of the latter. While the Girlfriend System V2 covers the concept of a woman’s “obsession story” in much greater detail, the earlier version of the course concentrates more on the various stages of a relationship.  The video and audio recordings and overall “production quality” of the program are also much improved in GFAS V2.

While there is significant overlap between both courses, there are also different tips, techniques, and examples contained in Version 1.0 which can be of great benefit.  GFAS V1 includes a section called “Group Coaching Calls” which is an audio download where Christian explains the psychology of the Obsession Story and provides many examples of how to put it into practice.

Both courses concentrate on giving men extreme confidence with women.  As they say, “knowledge is power” and by laying out a step-by-step, tried and tested process of getting a girlfriend, the Girlfriend Activation System empowers men to take control of their lives, become the best men they can possibly be, and ultimately connect with the girl they really want.

After our complete review of the Girlfriend Activation System, our best advice is to focus most of your time and effort on GFAS V2, but don’t be afraid to explore GFAS V1 when you get the chance.

The SM Members Community

As in-depth and detailed as the Girlfriend Action System is, Christian and his team have gone to great lengths to provide ongoing support and assistance to subscribers through their private members forum.

This is a place where members can connect with one another and obtain more targeted and individualized advice based on their own specific dating circumstances.  From getting tips on how to respond to text messages, feedback on a date, or anything regarding your interactions with women, the SM Community has you covered.  Many of the men who visit the forum are considered some of the best pick-up artists and attraction gurus in the world, and the dating coaches from the GFAS system also stop by regularly to give advice to individuals and answer questions related to the course material.

Currently home to around 90,000 active members, the forum is a great resource and easily one of the most underrated aspects of the program.  As with any course, questions are inevitable and the ability to obtain ongoing support, rather than being left to you own devices once you’ve parted company with your money, is invaluable for a program like the Girlfriend Activation System.

Girlfriend Activation System Bonus Programs

Christian and his team have also gone out of their way to provide members with a host of bonus programs that complement the material presented in the Girlfriend Activation System.  Currently there are an additional 17 programs available to users inside the GFAS members area.

Like the main GFAS course, the bonuses come in a variety of formats including video, audio, text transcripts, and PDF formatted reports.

For organizational purposes, the bonuses are divided into three separate packages (Confidence/Seduction/Relationship), mirroring the structure of the course itself. The titles of a few of the Girlfriend Activation System bonus programs will give you a hint to the kind of material that’s included:

  • The Art Of Seduction
  • The Bombing Opener
  • Holiday Hookups
  • Sexual Texting
  • Lustworthy Sex
  • 7 Commandments Of Dating 9’s and 10’s

To keep the length of this Girlfriend Activation System review at a manageable level, we won’t go into detail on each and every one of the bonus programs, but they all expand on many of the broader concepts addressed in the GFAS course and provide great added value to members.  They are not mere “filler” programs that have no connection or relevance to the main course material.  Many of the bonus programs could be standalone programs on their own.

Needless to say, whatever aspect of interacting with women you need the most help with, the Girlfriend System has you covered.

The Ten Code (Ongoing Monthly Training…If You Want)

an attractive woman with a successful manNot content with providing subscribers with roughly 24 hours of material in the main Girlfriend Activation System and bonus programs, Christian includes a 14-day free trial to his successful Ten Code program.  To a large extent, The Ten Code is a completely different beast to the Girlfriend Activation System, but contains many parallels with what is taught in the original program.

The Ten Code is a 12-month course that includes a total of thirty-six videos and additional material which is designed to reveal how men who are “10’s” think, act, and live.  The Ten Code is a blueprint to help men achieve ultimate success in all aspects of life, not just your intimate relationships.

While the 14-day free trial limits the accessible content, the full Ten Code course includes three new instructional videos every month that focus on what Christian calls a primary value, a passive value, and an active value, along with a monthly interview Christian undertakes with various experts who specialize in dating and social dynamics.  The interview series is referred to as the Ten Life.

Each month, subscribers also receive a full texting transcript of real-life text exchanges between men and women where Christian breaks down what went right, what went wrong, and where a guy can improve his chances with a girl through the increasingly crucial medium of texting.  These texting transcripts are true gems as Christian walks through the entire conversation text-by-text and shows you exactly what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what he would have done differently to keep the attraction going.

If you want to continue with the Ten Code after the free trial is up, there is an additional monthly fee, but even if you elect not to continue with the course, there is still plenty of content there that can help you with your goal of getting a girlfriend and achieving success in whatever you set your mind to.

It is important to emphasize that the Ten Code is ADDITIONAL training for men who want it.  Access to the Girlfriend Activation System is a one-time-only fee, NOT a monthly subscription.

Is It Any Good And Does The Girlfriend Activation System Actually Work?

an attractive blonde female in shorts and stockingsSo does the Girlfriend Activation System really work and are guys getting their money’s worth out of the program?

Countless real user reviews and customer testimonials suggest a resounding, “Yes!”  Here’s some of what men are saying inside the member’s area.

“Ok, I personally thought some of these stories were BS. Now I am totally sold. I just got back from the bar with great success. I used a mixture of Christian’s telephone cab story and David’s talking to but ignoring at the bar idea. It worked awesome.  I started with David’s technique and started a conversation with her. Oh, i did this while another guy was hitting on her too. Then I noticed she was getting ready to leave and I switched to Christian’s cab technique. Gave her my phone and asked for her number. She gave me her number and gave me a kiss goodbye. The other dude hitting on her looked like a deer in headlights. It was f***ing awesome.” – Samuel


Speaking about Jason Capital’s video on being a challenge, Corey said,

“Jason just slapped me across the face with everything I’ve ever done wrong. Thank you.”


In reference to the video where Christian demonstrates techniques with a woman (Alex) from the audience, Sam said:

These are great demonstrations… Seeing it from a female point of view is extremely helpful…. Now I am not afraid to do these things because I can see that it does work… There’s a girl that I am currently eying, will use these techniques and let you guys know how it goes 🙂 Once again thanks Christian and Alex for these demos, you guys did a fantastic job and made it easy to follow along.


Contrary to popular belief, the majority of guys are not afraid of commitment and are in fact looking for more than just hooking up with a woman for a one night stand.  Not that there’s anything “wrong” with one night stands, but getting a high-quality, attractive, and compatible girlfriend into a committed relationship generally takes a little more effort.  And this is what the Girlfriend Activation System is all about.

The primary focus of the course materials is giving guys the skill-sets that are needed to tap into their inner-selves to become the type of men that like-minded women find overwhelmingly attractive. In other words, it’s all about “like attracting like.”  It boils down to this: the quality of girlfriend you end up with is a direct reflection of the quality of man that you are.

There are many aspects of human and relationship psychology that the program is broadly based upon.  Much of it Christian explains during the course of the program and while a lot of it may seem straightforward, it’s often a different thing actually putting it into practice.

Things like the importance of making a fantastic first impression, or how the most successful relationships are generally based on those couples who share the same values and traits are far from being earth-shattering concepts. The Girlfriend Activation System, however, brings all of this together in one neat package and provides guys with the step-by-step blueprint to put it all together.

For those guys who want to find a high-quality girlfriend who ticks every box on their “must have” list, the Girlfriend System is ideal for developing all of the fundamental character traits women look for.  It gives you the skill-sets and techniques necessary to embed these traits into your inner game, so you become a highly desirable alpha male.

While many PUA programs teach guys to become someone they’re not in order to attract women, the Girlfriend Activation System is all about showing guys how they can bring out the best of themselves to become desirable to like-minded women. When put in that context, it’s easy to see just how effective the course can be. There’s no need for guys to worry about getting tripped up, rejected, or caught out being someone they are not.

By putting the techniques taught inside the GFAS system into practice, guys have a much greater strike-rate with women than if they try to pretend to be someone they are not. Quality girls have a finely-tuned radar to sniff out and detect BS.  To the extent that it may work once or twice, that’s all very good, but longer-term it’s just not going to cut it.


boyfriend and girlfriend smiling in bedThe length of this Girlfriend Activation System review alone indicates just how comprehensive the course is and the unique way in which Christian has tackled the age-old issue of getting a quality girlfriend. But in addition to what has already been covered, there are a number of other positives of the course.

For starters, the program is extremely easy to follow.  Christian goes out of his way to demonstrate many of the specific techniques referred to during the course and explains the underlying reasoning behind what is being taught.

All of the information provided is both relatable and actionable.  With an emphasis on both techniques and “inner-game”, the Girlfriend Activation System will influence your life across the board.  So not only can guys find an improvement in their intimate relationships, but also in other personal and professional relationships which can influence every aspect of their lives.

From a cost perspective, the entire GFAS system and course materials currently retails for a one-time-only $67.  In terms of value for money, there is almost 25 hours of video and audio content contained in both versions of the Girlfriend Activation System and the bonus programs alone.

Lifetime updates to all materials and bonus programs is included together with access to the SM Members Community and The Ten Code trial.  Compare the cost of the program with what many guys spend on one date alone and you’ve got your answer as to whether the course is value for money.

At the end of the day, there is very minimal risk involved for guys who go ahead and subscribe to the course, because included in the package is a 365-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.  You have a full year to check out the entire Girlfriend Activation System, and if there’s any reason the course doesn’t work for you, a refund is only an email or phone call away.

Negatives And Bad Reviews

awkward guy at club trying to meet womenIn terms of negatives, there’s really not a lot to complain about.  The course is genuinely very good.  Perfect?  No.  Really good?  Most definitely.

As you’ve likely gathered already from this Girlfriend System review, there is a lot of material contained in the course.  For some it may appear a little overwhelming at the outset, particularly those that may be new to the dating scene or who have very little experience interacting with women.  It takes time to get through everything.

However, one of the things Christian emphasizes during the course is the importance of having fun when meeting girls.  You have to avoid being overly goal-oriented when approaching them.

In other words, don’t approach a woman with the mindset of making her your girlfriend if you don’t even know her name yet.  There’s no need to try and rush the process or put undue pressure on yourself, and with a 365-day money back guarantee there’s plenty of time to go through all of the material.

Following on from the above point about the extent of the course content, it should be fairly obvious that this is not a quick-fix program which will turn you into an irresistible man overnight.  As with most things in life, you get out what you put in.  It’s useless to learn the techniques if you don’t go out and put them into practice.

The Final Word

The Girlfriend Activation System V2 is for any guy with the motivation to better himself and become attractive to the type of woman he desires most.  After reviewing hundreds of dating and relationship products over the past several years, GFAS remains one of our top recommendations for men.

Christian and his team have received top reviews and ratings for the course since the release of version 1.0, and its success has continued to grow since its revamp. There’s good reason why the system has been so successful, and, to put it simply, it’s because when followed, you’ll attract quality women into your life.

The world of dating and relationships is an increasingly competitive environment.  The ability to not only improve your odds with women, but to become the man you want to be is what the Girlfriend Activation System provides.   That beautiful, intelligent, and flat-out awesome girlfriend waiting out there to meet you will be forever grateful for your efforts.

Thanks for reading, and we will continue to update this Girlfriend Activation System review whenever changes and/or new versions are released.

Your Next Move

If after reading to the end of this review, you’ve already decided you want to buy the Girlfriend Activation System and try it out for yourself, we recommend you use this link instead.  It will take you directly to the order page so you don’t have to spend any additional time watching Christian’s video and waiting for a purchase button to appear.


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